About Jimmy Gill

Jimmy GillJimmy Gill has become a recognized name within the community of Calgary. He has been a successful entrepreneur with a proven track records panning over a decade, making his mark in the sales and service industry. Born to parents who immigrated to Canada in 1989, Jimmy is the youngest of four siblings and has 3 elder sisters. His children, Maya, Rhea, and Joven, whom he calls his pride and joy, are his greatest source of inspiration.

Regardless of what field or industry you are a part of and the role you play, it inevitably becomes your specialty when passion and profession meet harmoniously. Harboring a strong penchant for serving people and assisting them attain their dreams is Jimmy’s passion, which has perfectly blended with his profession over the years.
A Vancouver, BC native, Jimmy dipped his toes in the sea of professional career opportunities immediately after graduating high school. His drive & determination to succeed within whatever career path he was on gelled well with his desire to help and be of service, which led him to become an IT specialist.

Having gained relevant skills and certification in courses that were pivotal in gaining mastery over his career, he demonstrated the utmost proficiency in every position he held as an IT specialist. Over the years, he has worked with industry leaders such as IBM and Air Canada. His continued display of professionalism, dedication, and efficiency led to him earn a favorable reputation with his superiors, peers, and clients.

In 2006, Jimmy pivoted his professional path to real estate development and construction to develop an opportunity to work directly with clients and help bring their vision for projects to come to life. This career pivot was the beginning of a transformational journey that enabled him to harness his expertise and industry experience to make a real impact on people’s lives.

As a project manager, Jimmy utilized his all-encompassing construction acumen, access to pertinent industry insights, and compliance awareness to complete construction projects for residential or housing development projects. This is where he was able to transform his clients’ dreams into reality.

Understanding that success in construction projects requires a well-planned & detail-oriented approach, he demonstrated unwavering meticulousness throughout the length of his projects. He adhered to best industry practices and regulations, ensuring that the complete project not only stands the test of time but also delivers results the developer initially sought.

Finding an extension of his passion for real estate and property management, Jimmy utilized his expertise to further pursue the development of a family-owned banquet hall located in the heart of Calgary. The Magnolia Banquet Hall has become one of the most preferred venues for weddings, concerts, celebratory events, receptions, and more. Under Jimmy’s guidance and executive proficiency, the banquet rose in fame and was voted among Calgary’s top three banquet halls.

As of recent, Jimmy is again pivoting his career to exploring Alberta’s real estate industry’s new waters as an ambitious realtor. Experience in certain aspects of commercial and residential property development and familiarity with the local area has enabled him to establish a stellar reputation in the local homeowner community. His growth within the real estate industry can be attributed to Jimmy’s exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, which have empowered him over the years to build lasting relationships with clients, professionals, and industry peers.

Jimmy’s strongest attributes are his positivity, resilience, and his motivation. He practices mindfulness on a daily basis. He is spiritual and meditates in an effort to create self-awareness. In any given situation, he always focuses on the positive.

When he’s not a dream catcher for his clients, he loves working out and is into fitness. He has a passion for photography and loves to travel. Capturing drone videos and listening to audiobooks that have become a source of positive influence on his spiritual, personal, and professional life. A few of his favorite authors are as follows: Jay Shetty, Eckhart Tolle, and Brene Brown. His biggest Idol is Dwayne Johnson.