The real estate market in the year 2020 didn’t absolutely follow what was projected the previous year due to the outbreak of Covid-19. However, the trends predicted didn’t entirely fall apart as they were lots of demand even in the pandemic. Some people wanted to increase their space, hence, the need for enlargement and also renovation. Others that sold their houses were less than 6% of the total population in Canada which should have been more and many other successes in Canada’s real estate. 

Different cities in Canada were able to meet the requirements of a solid real estate investment that is too good to be true during the low times. The prices for various homes weren’t just low but those houses were also situated in a traffic area that implies better returns. No doubt, 2020 had good deals according to RE/MAX analysis which makes it safe to say that 2021 is expected to be better and more profitable. 

So, if you are thinking about real estate investment for 2021 in Canada, know that it is a good move regardless of what the economy says. The following cities are the top ten places you can invest in real estate in Canada and be assured of massive returns. 

1) Vancouver 

The major reason why Vancouver will appear in the top places to invest in real estate in Canada is not just because of the beauty but because of the influx of people. The population of this city is more than 680,000 of which the number keeps increasing daily. This simply implies that investing here will be a strategic spot in 2021. Even with the pandemic, Vancouver isn’t suffering the effect on the negative in real estate and 2021 will not be any different. 

2) London 

One place in Ontario that you should not skip investing in real estate in, is London. Since demand is one of the things that matter when counting for a good investment place, then London has got it. The majority of these demands are from students especially international students. There has been a sequence in the way they move. After school, most of them would want to work before going home and that means they will need a place to stay. With your investment in this city, you are sure to get enormous returns even in 2021.  

3) Hamilton 

Both east and set Hamilton have experienced high demands of real estate rentals in 2020. The demands have been unbelievably scary as bigger cities like Toronto should be the one experiencing this instead. But, with these demands coming up, investment in rentals and also in laneway housing will offer steady income in 2021. Why is that? People will need to settle in a place close to their workplace of which Toronto is just close enough to work. 

4) Kitchener-Waterloo 

Consistent job growth is one major reason Kitchener-Waterloo was ranked in the list of places you won’t waste your money investing in. 2020 saw Waterloo rise high in providing jobs to many people and these trends are likely to continue in 2021. This region is not just trying to catch up in the business sector but has already taken its stand as one of the leading cities in the whole of Canada as regards economics and business possibility. So, consider Waterloo in 2021 for your real estate investment and expect lots of goodies. 

5) Thunder Bay 

Even when some group of people might not see the need to demand, other groups will be seen hungry for it. This is the illustration of what thunder bay faced in 2020. Although, not everyone demanded yet the few that were eager to demand were quite a big population. Thunder Bay currently has just the single-detached in demand but this is a major plus to the rental market and has been predicted to rise to about 10% by 2021. If you want to invest in Canada real estate and you choose Thunder bay, you haven’t done badly at all. 

6) Niagara 

Niagara is not just a place to joke with when it comes with investment. The demands in places like St. Catherines is not one that can be explained with just figures because they surpass the figures most times. Niagara is located just where US citizen can easily come into Canada and also for outward movement. This makes it a good spot for US workers to work in the US and enjoy the Niagara falls over the weekend. Investing in Niagara in 2021 is one of the smartest decisions anyone looking into Canada real estate will make. 

7) Kingston 

The every growing demand in house supply in Kingston is a good spec for real estate investment in this city. More so, with the low inventory on houses that gives rise to house prices, sellers are expected to have a good deal by 2021. The real estate market is also expected to rise to about 10% on all estate property and will keep the pace throughout the year. 

8) Windsor 

This is another city in Ontario that would have a great push In the real estate market in 2021. In fact, the prediction is far above what other cities are saying to as high as 20%. The buyers that would keep the prices constantly rising are those that are moving to settle for bigger homes. When they find a relatively good price, they will buy and the market in response keeps moving up. 

9) Cornwall 

Just like Kingston, the Cornwall real estate market is expected to rise above 10% by 2021. With this prediction, Cornwall will keep having a rising house price and consistent demands on them. The best shot to take to make it from this market trend is to invest in the market as it will favour sellers than buyers. 

10) Brantford 

The list will not be complete without making mention of the Brantford city. This city which is very close to the already listed city of Hamilton also stands to give investors in real estate a good deal with their ever-increasing demand in this sector. Just like Hamilton, many people are moving in to settle and they won’t mind getting a solid rental in this beautiful friendly city. Many are also setting up businesses and would need space to achieve that which would be one of your properties when you invest in it. 

Final thought 

All the places ranked in this list have the potential of turning your investment into a steady income with the constant rise in market prices that favours your investment. If you truly want to invest in real estate in Canada, don’t miss out any of these places. Truly, your investment will thank-you!